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understanding clients: tools

focus group
in-depth interview
client journey
virtual selling

face-to-face interview
phone survey
online survey
ad hoc panels
learning from competitors: tools

tecnical mistery shopping
selling process analysis
selling point check
win back actions check
service & client desck check.
business areas

client experience (service & buying)
web & online shop eval
concept & product test
princing & promo tools check
communication test
PR marketing, trends & influence
satisfaction & quality index
customer loyalty
client intelligence & datamining
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corporate DNA

ASAP es rapidez, experiencia en márketing y visión de negocio
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la investigación ayuda a retener y fidelizar
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la investigación de mercado como arma de márketing
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profesionales que conocen el márketing desde dentro
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la investigación operativa sirve para vender coches
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aportamos respuestas a las grandes preguntas de negocio
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evalúa el riesgo comercial de tu cartera de clientes
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